Sunday, 27 February 2011

'Peak' Oil?

Once upon a time it was said that the worlds fossil fuel reserves would run out because the rate at which we consume it far exceeds the rate of 'time' it takes for the process to form it (living things dying and being compressed and exposed to heat generated by the Earth's core)
The vast majority of off shore fossil fuels, oil and gas, are found on what is called the 'continental shelf'' which is an area around the coast line about 200m below the surface of the ocean.  With this being the case why would any sane person think it sensible to branch out in the deep blue and start drilling for 'black gold' and risk ruining our beloved planet anymore than we already have?

"..the days when the industry could merely drill on land and wait for the oil — and the profits — to flow are coming to an end. Because of that, companies feel compelled to sink wells at the bottom of deep oceans, inject chemicals into the ground to force oil to the surface, deal with unsavory regimes, or operate in some of the world's most environmentally sensitive and inaccessible spots, far from ports and decent roads. All those factors could make it difficult to move in equipment and clean up a spill..."

The harsh fact of the matter is this 'unsane' use of what fossil fuel resources we have left to speculate for more, in obscure deep drilling pits, with crude practices of pushing chemicals into the Earth to force more oil out, is nothing short of ludicrous...and all in the name of greater 'profit' for the '1 percenters'

"...Drilling is proceeding in countries with extremely weak regulations and a lack of skilled operators, and in geological settings much like the northern Gulf of Mexico, with high pressure and weak rock formations ripe for blowouts.
Companies are seeking the new frontiers amid warnings from some analysts that worldwide oil production will peak and then decline as onshore wells dry up. It's not that oil itself is scarce — global reserves are estimated at 1.2 trillion barrels — but getting to it requires large investments in treacherous places..."

"...BP CEO Bob Dudley argued last week that deep-water drilling is necessary despite the dangers because the world could be consuming 40 percent more energy by 2030...."

To put some of this 'unsanity' in to some perspective the BP oil disaster in 2010 was at a well 1mile deep, the fall out from the clean up opearation was well documented in the difficulty there was with current technologies to stop the leak. The drilling to take place off of the coast of Brazil is in water 2 miles deep with the need to drill through up to 3 miles of salt layers on the ocean floor...

"...Environmentalists estimate as much as 550 million gallons of oil have poured into the Niger Delta and its surrounding waterways during 50 years of crude production. That is roughly comparable to one Exxon Valdez disaster per year.
The pitfalls of doing business with certain regimes were brought into sharp focus when questions were raised about whether BP tried to procure a $900 million exploration agreement with Libya by seeking the release of the man convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The 1988 attack killed 270 people. BP says it urged the British government to sign a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya but did not specify Abdel Baset al-Megrahi's case..."

This goes to show that they are not in it for our us but themselves as people seek to broker deal with the likes of Gaddafi for a few barrels of oil.
This ever maddening series of events must surely mean there must be a drive to find our energy in other ways, cleaner and renewable ways? Perhaps by harvesting the sources of energy that could be best utilised by a certain country or land on an island? Try combining off shore wind and tidal power for is only an idea, but then again how can you make 'profit' from something that could be free for all and provide a better environment for us, our children and our great grandchildren. I guess we all better keep paying those ever increasing British Gas bills (as their profits increase to 24% as they increase your bills by 7%!!) whilst they continue to destroy our planet.

The quoted posts are attributed to Harry R. Weber and John Flesher of the Associated Press Nov 2010

Nowhere is immune to this wave of rebellion because globalisation is a fact

"...The first warnings of what was to come appeared in the form of a briefing paper on the website of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation in December. "Recent bouts of extreme price volatility in global agricultural markets," it said, "portend rising and more frequent threats to world food security. There is emerging consensus that the global food system is becoming more vulnerable and susceptible to episodes of extreme price volatility. As markets are increasingly integrated in the world economy, shocks in the international arena can now transpire and propagate to domestic markets much quicker than before."
The "shocks" all occurred a long way from Cairo and Tunis. They included fires in Russia last autumn which wiped out hundreds of thousands of acres of grain; heavy rains in Canada, destroying the wheat crop there; hot, dry weather in Argentina which destroyed the soybean crop; the Australian floods which ruined the wheat harvest. The Middle East accounts for one-third of worldwide wheat imports. The combined effect of these far-flung agricultural problems was to bump up the food price index by 32 per cent in the second half of 2010."

"...In these poor countries, food purchases can consume 70 per cent of income. The result, when prices of flour and grains shoot up by 30 per cent, is extreme distress – the sort of distress that sends people out into the streets in fury..."

Peter Popham, The Independent, World, Sunday Feb 27th 2011

An entire'who's who' list of countries are piling up with revolts. African nations such as the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Senegal through to the Middle East and also China now, unrest is growing everywhere at an astonishing rate.  Is it coincidence? Is globalisation to blame? Are the people being 'put up to it' by outside influences? Will the news repeaters find a way to blame some of America's most wanted.....?

Friday, 25 February 2011

UK Arms Deals...Float that Economy people

"The UK sold arms to 11 of the 15 countries identified by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institue as locations of major armed conflict in 2008...."

"Henry Kissenger said of the Iran-Iraq war that it was a pity that both sides couldn't lose. We did our best to make a destructive draw possible by supplying weapons to both sides"

" are never going to be persuasive on civil liberties when you have just brought a junior ministor along to flog a few guns''

-Philip Collins, Opinion, The Times Feb 25th 2011

This, for the people who a) do not buy The Times or b) will not pay £1 a day to view it online on their iPads or HTC mobiles.  Protestors once said that 'Bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity'. I totally agree.  How can a country like the UK, that has a history of cosying up to war mongering dictators, possibly comment on peoples freedoms or condemn said tyrants when it is their own WMDs being used against the people??
Rant over.


We are human beings that have a special relationship with the only planet the majority of us will ever live on, yet we are intent on ruining it in the pursuit of profit and 'power'.  To quote Jacque Fresco ''This shits got to go''
The illusion of choice surrounds us and this is epitomised on a daily basis by the 'news repeaters' (reporters) that live on our 'social conditioning boxes' (television) that force feed us stuff that they are told to. Our 'news' has been run down to just a handful of corporations, run by people such as Rupert Murdoch, and the art of investigative journalism seems to be but a distant memory. 

This blog aims to investigate what is real. 

So the journey to 'seek' the 'truth' begins…. Stay tuned!