Friday, 25 February 2011

UK Arms Deals...Float that Economy people

"The UK sold arms to 11 of the 15 countries identified by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institue as locations of major armed conflict in 2008...."

"Henry Kissenger said of the Iran-Iraq war that it was a pity that both sides couldn't lose. We did our best to make a destructive draw possible by supplying weapons to both sides"

" are never going to be persuasive on civil liberties when you have just brought a junior ministor along to flog a few guns''

-Philip Collins, Opinion, The Times Feb 25th 2011

This, for the people who a) do not buy The Times or b) will not pay £1 a day to view it online on their iPads or HTC mobiles.  Protestors once said that 'Bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity'. I totally agree.  How can a country like the UK, that has a history of cosying up to war mongering dictators, possibly comment on peoples freedoms or condemn said tyrants when it is their own WMDs being used against the people??
Rant over.

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