Monday, 14 March 2011

Question Everything

It is the pursuit of finding things out that makes life enjoyable.  Somewhere along the line this message has been lost and people have become sheep in accepting the way things are around them without questioning it.  The Internet has revolutionised the way people can gain access to information, it is almost like the scene in The Matrix where Neo learns kung fu.
If you think I am wrong then take a moment to sit and remember back to the days you sat in a classroom and your teacher rolled out a t.v on a stand with a video player (the robotic teacher?) I imagine a variety of different shows will pop up into your head and the memories will be that much more vivid than any one class you took except for say amusing circumstances where you find your class mate firing an extinguisher into the hallway.
We should take the time to use this to our advantage and try to find things out for ourselves and not be spoon fed by people with what may or may not be ulterior motives, the point is to have the gumption to find out something for yourself.  If you wanted to buy a house or a car you would look around the various estate agents/car dealers, decide on a type of house or vehicle and analyse what your needs would be, potential for family growth if you are in a relationship etc and apply all these methods before selecting one.

Why would you not do this with the information presented to you by a newspaper or news 'repeater'. 

Make the most of the Internet in its current form before certain Governments decide it needs to be monitored a little better, further restricting our freedoms.  If Hillary Clinton's most recent ramblings are anything to go by then it will not be long before this is the case.  There are a host of other news sources available to you such as Russia Today or Aljazeera to name but two and these channels offer the world from a different point of view, something physicist Richard Feynman was all to happy to do.

You do not have to sit and accept what 'news repeaters' tell you on the 6 0'clock news and just take a one sided partisan, rose tinted view as given by main stream media.

Don't take my word for it, go and find out for yourself.

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