Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The True Cost of Health?

On a recent shopping expedition looking for ingredients to cook a curry I stumbled across a soy sauce worth £3.15.....for 250ml or £3.25 for a tiny loaf of wheat and gluten free bread. Apparently if you suffer with an intolerance to wheat, gluten or a whole host of other things then the health industry thinks it is ok to charge you a fortune for the privilege of eating foods that will not result in you developing cancer. The amount of daily things that we consume containing these ingredients is extensive and non exhaustive!

Picture by Nicola Keane
Recently gluten free prescriptions have been discussed with a view to being taken off of the NHS list. This has a direct impact on people in an ever worsening 'economic climate' and particularly people who are born with a genetic predisposition (meaning you may or may not develop something depending on your environmental experiences) to a wheat or gluten intolerance, for example someone that suffers with coeliac disease. A farce when you consider the NHS provides people with plastic surgery such as breast implants or rhinoplasty (nose job) for self esteem issues, something not considered life threatening.
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