Friday, 25 March 2011

White is Actually Alright?

A row has recently erupted over 'race' and an ITV bosses claims that the the successful mid-afternoon show 'Midsomer Murders' success hinged on the fact there was an all white cast.

The producer Brian True-May called it the ''last bastion of Englishness' and that 'racial diversity in the show would not work'. The row erupted as he said that he would not use Black or Asian people in the series because 'it wouldn't be an English village with them'

'Mr' True-May was suspended and then seen being chauffuer driven away by an Asian.  Fans of the show have rallied in support of the under-fire producer with a Daily Mail poll suggesting that 91% of people think that he should not have been suspended.

The main point however has been missed.  The issue of race is, and has been over, for some 200 years thanks to a gentleman named Charles Darwin, who is the man most commonly known to be repsonsible for the 'Evolution Theory'.  If it had not been Darwin then it would have been someone else such as Alred Russell Wallace who had his mind blown away by a trip to Papa New Guinea.  We are one human race, the human species, all connected.

'Racism' does not exist. It is ignorance.

This week sees the annual world drink up known as 'St Patricks Day' where people will claim all manner of connections to the Irish fellowship in the name of guiness (a weak excuse for an alcoholic beverage) before resuming nationalistic hostilities this weekend in the rugby 6 Nations finale where England play Ireland for the Grand Slam. The out dated idea of nations once again highlighted through gladiatorial sporting contests. Maybe one day we will have national human day....

The way forward to combat this ignorance is for an overhaul of the way we educate people, the way we educate our children, by pointing out our similarities to people of different cultures rather than our differences. Not by pointing out height, weight, intellectual or financial differences. Remember no one is born 'racist', a child does not know to differentiate people based on colour from birth, it occurs as a result of their environmental upbringing and experiences. These can be changed.

"An organism at war with itself is doomed....we are one planet" Carl Sagan- Cosmos

It is time for the world to come together.

Quotes came from BBC News and The Daily Mail, March 16th 2011

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