Monday, 14 March 2011

ZDay 2011- London

Having taken the time to watch 'The Zeitgeist' docu-movies by Peter Joseph over the past couple of years I took it upon myself to attend the recent ZDay conference in London this week and have decided to give it a bit more attention than the BBC or ITV. 

ZDay is a world wide event with each chapter hosting seminars on the current progress of the movement. This year focused on response to the latest effort by Peter Joseph, 'Zeitgesit- Moving Forward'

The Zeitgeist Movement is a collaboration of free thinking individuals that see there is a need for change in the way the world currently conducts itself.  For example people starving in the 21st century and the myths around overpopulation and the often self projected, but not backed, claim or notion that there is not enough food for an ever increasing population.  This is just simply not the case, access to resources, as the movement highlights, is the problem.

"Among the key causes of hunger are natural disasters, conflict, poverty, poor agricultural infrastructure and over-exploitation of the environment. Recently, financial and economic
crises have pushed more people into hunger." A quote taken directly from the World Food Program website.  No sign of overpopulation being a cause of hunger.

The day itself ran for 8 hours with talks from various CAD technicians (responsible for designing a new way of housing people and buildings that will be more efficient in their design and use) members of the linguistic team (who documented the sheer volume of work that goes into translating the docu-movies for 6 billion odd people that aren't English speaking first language types) to the man himself, Peter Joseph, who gave a speech tackling some of the negative media that the Zeitgeist movement has gained in recent months following an incident in America earlier this year and his vision of what happens next.

One of the things taken from the latest effort from Peter Joesph is the accessibility of the material for some people.  We all address the level of our communication in accordance with the person or group we are talking to yet the nature of some the material will daunt some people but it is worth sticking with it I assure you.  Another point is the duration of the docu-movie, which at 2hrs 41 Earth minutes is a considerable lump of 'time' out of your day and I confess it is pretty heavy going at certain points, particularly if this is your first foray into the world of the Zeitgeist Movement. Fortunately however there are a series of short clips (which I shall link at the bottom) from the docu-movie popping up on YouTube which will serve to remove the problem of duration and hopefully the heavy going nature of the piece.  I recommend the first part, 40mins in duration, if nothing else as it gives a grand insight into the 'human nature vs human nurture' debate if you have never looked into it personally.  Environment is everything.  We are all a product of it.

Entire factories automated from picking to packing
Some skeptics will point to the technological aspect of the Zeitgeists Movement and its association with The Venus Project , such as machines or robots replacing humans in the workforce to free us to actually LIVE our lives rather than just exist, and claim radical notions of machines taking over the planet or ruling our lives.  This just is not the case.  To some extent machines already rule our lives.  There is a reduced workforce in industry, replaced by automation.  The human that has had a pace maker fitted to regulate their heart beat.  Traffic signals. Complex navigation systems for aeroplanes. Mobile phones, you may even be reading this on such a device?  The list is endless and yet it could be exponentially increased, further reducing the need for us to submit our time and labour in a Resource Based Economy.
The Automated Shop, a step up from tills
The fear of an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Will Smith like apocalypse is just unfounded.

It cannot be denied, The Zeitgeist Movement is gathering pace.  The number of people awakening to the things wrong with the world and that are now actively engaging in doing something about it is on the increase.  The number of chapters that have opened up, even since ZDay 2010, is up by more than double from 400 to 1000.  People claim to 'know what is going on' but do they really? Or they feel powerless to do or act and this is the furthest thing from the truth.   The number of people at the bottom rung of the ladder, struggling to keep pace with their human needs is growing and their ability to tread these murky, treacle like waters is becoming ever more difficult.

"We have eyes and we see, we do not have eyes so we can see"

If once born we were locked in a dark room with no light our nerve endings would not develop and we would be blind.  To this end our eyes only give us the ability to see what is there and humans cannot imagine what they cannot see.  Pause for a moment and ask yourself this; in the year 2000 would you have imagined that the phone in your hand, where the extent of its ability was to send and receive sms text messages and play 'Snake', would one day enable you to sit and watch live sport and movies, or send and receive emails or pictures on a touch screen iPhone? No.  Rewind sixty years and colour t.v would have been ridiculed, let alone a flat screen HD3D LED that we can consume today and sixty years before this the idea of a t.v or even a radio would have most likely led to a return to the witch burning days and so on.  Imagine where our technology may take us ten years from now...sixty years..or one hundred?  The difference however is that things made in the past were built to last due to the scarcity of resources where as in today's cyclical consumption society obsolesence is built into the system so we must continue to buy.

Just as Globalisation is a fact so is the technological revolution.  Feynman said in 1959 that there was 'plenty of room at the bottom' and the discovery of Nanosciences in the 1980s has proved this. We cannot deny it. We should embrace it.

If you went to a ZDay event give your experiences here.

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  1. WOW, that kinda hits the nail on the head!! Technology is far advanced, yet the powers that be seem hell bent on holding us back. Our planet has the ability to provide for all, yet destruction is everywhere. Keep up the good work Jamie and spread the word x