Saturday, 25 June 2011

Charlie Says T.V Ruined Your Life, I agree.

The past few years has seen a rise in the public’s obsession with Vintage looks from clothing to cars.  This coincided conveniently with the television shows Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, set in the 1970’s and 1980’s respectively.

Social Media such as Facebook highlighted a sense of reminiscing or nostalgia from people of a certain age for the music, the fashion and the fun times had during this period.  It is of no surprise that the critical reception of these shows led to a demand for a return to these looks.  Look in the street and you will not have to look to hard or long for a white care to go whizzing past, reminiscent of the 70’s no?
Alongside this, big movie adaptations of the book Twilight depicting a time of love, romance, classic dress sense, and the sense of older world living, the recent movie explosion has just re-awakened this long serving affiliation within the public.  It taps into a perceived feeling of a time when ‘men were gentlemen’ and ‘women were ladies’. This wave of T.V and movies also opened up the door to an entire generation that otherwise may have never come across these trends.

History is our link to the past and a key to our future. In movie terms it is the closest we can get to time travel and so draws the viewer in with vast movie sets, fight scenes and glamorous costumes from epics such as Cleopatra and Ben-Hur, through to Braveheart, Gladiator, The Last Samurai and 300.  Historical accuracy has not always been of importance in the pursuit of box office figures, as Hollywood has long sought to entertain us with stories of historic battles where ‘good triumphs over evil’ at times glorifying war, with its big screen version of the ‘social conditioning box’. 
The popularity of historical movies is one that will continue for these very reasons.

This leads me on very nicely to the British fascination with stately homes and their ‘pomp’ as illustrated in the recent Royal Wedding between William and Kate.

The British love pomp.  “No body throws a party better than the Brits” someone recently told me after the celebrations had ended.  The British have a deep affection towards their architecture, Cathedrals, Palaces and the like.  Britain is a country with a history of class divides and today in the 21st Century, although the waters have been muddied, it still exists and it is this differing of class that drives the love of stately homes. It is about the lifestyle, or the idea of a lifestyle that goes with these homes, fuelling the fascination.  Country Life and Escape to the Country are T.V shows that generally air at a time when the majority of the public are at work, but for those not so fortunate, have to sit and watch as millionaire mansions are shown off in front of them.

Fashions is about trends and these trends are dictated to us by television and other media sources giving us the illusion of choice.

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