Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shoes Please

Now correct me if I am wrong but pre September 2001 I am sure I did not have to put my liquids in to tiny bottles no more than 100ml and see through plastic bags, nor did I have to take my shoes, belt and fillings (if I had any) off or out to appease ever tighter security measures? So when I saw in a Time Magazine supplement this week in glorious Berlin, that "9/11 did not change everything except for a tiny percentage of the worlds population" directly affected that day I was stupefied.

Getting around this paradise, that we should all be living on for free, called Earth is becoming ever more obnoxious with the relentless messages bombarding us about how we are all going to be blown up by some terrorist group, formerly led by a man now residing at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean with Megatron, at a time when the world could not really be any smaller with the presence of modern communication.
The events of 9/11 fundamentally changed the daily lives of virtually every human on the planet today and those of tomorrow for years to come, for Time magazine to make this claim was to quote Victor Meldrew "unbelievable".

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Sit-in Continues

The Occupy movement having gone global is now 1 week old in London on the outskirts of the financial district at St Paul's Cathedral and is moving from strength to strength, even as I type the evolution (as I like to call it) has spread to another part of the city, Finsbury Square.

After the initial disorder of the first day there is now an orderly chaos amongst the protestors who have come together in a show of solidarity of the human spirit that is encouraging in these times where mainstream media strives to divide us. The entire court yard has become a city, within a city, within a city. A first I am sure, if you discount the farce in Israel. Anyone that has seen The Matrix will agree the tent city has a feel of Zion about it.

Generators chug on throughout the day and night powering the information centre, medical centre and catering arena with volunteers coming to the aide of others to provide whatever assistance is required for the men, women and children of all ages present here. There is even a mini cinema centre supplied where a series of informational DVDs are played to educate people on alternative energy solutions, education and of course the Zeitgeist documentaries made by Peter Joseph. One tent had gone one step further and is supplying it's power through solar panels. A nice touch. Other entertainment includes your usual selection of bongos, plastic buckets and acoustic guitars. A new addition for protests however was the site of a piano at the footsteps of the cathedral where renditions of David Bowie played on late into the twilight hours.

All this once again serves to answer the debate on human nature vs human nurture as people donate their time, effort and labour for free, towards a common goal for all.

My return to the courtyard was met with a frosty reception from the local security firm employed by the finical district (City of London Police) who found a particular piece of art work offensive due to the nature of the language on it and the fact that children were present on camp. I should have asked if they thought the children would be more, or less, affected by the site of my poster or the site of Colnel Gaddafi being dragged and beaten to a bloody pulp before being shown dead at 0800 in the morning on the BBC whilst they eat their cornflakes, getting ready for a day at school but I digress. The sheer amount of art on display in the court yard is impressive, thought and effort has gone into it and I believe Banksy would be proud of some of the stuff on display himself.

The media blackout being spun by local media is interesting, or media spin should I say. Throughout the week I have kept an eye on certain media outlets and of the 21 or so people interviewed (out of the thousands that have been here during this time) they managed to select the unemployed student, student or made redundant humans that are protesting their point. The reality of the matter is that there are all types of people here. Parents and grandparents with children that are protesting for their children's future, public sector workers from all areas, business people that are on the sharp end of the banking corporations stick. The moral of the story I guess is to not believe everything that the Rupert Murdoch or Government controlled news outlets tell you. Ask more questions and research your news from a wider range of sources, make use of the Internet before it is too late.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Evolution Begins?

Power to the peaceful
October 15th 2011, the day people around the world united in sending a message to the one percenters telling them "this shits got to go". Demonstrations are taking place in 951 cities over 82 countries and Newell News International is at the heart of it in London....at St Pauls Cathedral.

Today we really are one planet.

This is the third demonstration in 12 months covered by us and as always it is good humoured amid a rather large police presence. We have of course been told before entering the lions den that we do so at our own risk and may face being detained if it all goes wrong tonight, probably in response to the kettling incidents of November. Once again however I am disappointed to find that the podium speaker is requesting representatives from each 'group' to speak....are we not all one group? The Human race group.

The people seem to be here for the duration on the steps, I have posed the question why we are not outside the Bank of England. Democracy, for what its worth, has spoken and they plan to stay here and have just been addressed by Julian Assange who requested that the banking corporations are made as transparent as the police have made him today.  The demonstrations are loud and relatively focused without the malice that has descended upon the Italian Occupy movement in Rome.  Let us hope that the peaceful movement continues, as a wise man once put it to me, if you lose your temper then you have lost the plot.