Thursday, 17 November 2011

Liquid Lifesaver

One mans vision- clean drinking water for all
In March this year I wrote about a wonderful new invention called 'Lifesaver Bottle' as demonstrated by Michael Pritchard at TED talks in 2009.  This device enables you to pretty much drink anything.  If you are near a water source the Lifesaver bottle is able to filter it and provide clean drinking water.  This of course would have numerous benefits for areas affected by disasters (man made or otherwise) where access to clean drinking water, essential for life, is limited or absent altogether.  So in light of this, plus my aversion to bottled water, I decided to invest in this technology and find out for myself.

I bought the device from Amazon through the Internet and within 3 days it arrived at my doorstep.  Excitement and apprehension came all at once but having read numerous reviews from the website and YouTube I decided to suck it up and get on with it. On my first free day I headed to the nearest source of unclean, standing water in town....the river lea, where I filmed what happened.  Suffice to say I have lived to tell the tail and the video explains a little more, if I can fathom out the technical difficulties I am having then this video shall be yours to see!
It is an amazing piece of kit and goes to show once more what technology can do for us.

'Originally posted on November 17th, since then we have solved the technical difficulties with the video upload and can finally show the bottle first hand, as it were' NNI

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