Wednesday, 30 November 2011

National Day Of Action

Today for the first time in over 30 years there has been a national strike in the United Kingdom. It comes as a result of years of successive Governments running rough shod over all sections of society and it has been lead by the public sector today.

Unions voted in numbers with a resounding 'YES' vote to take industrial action and around the country picket lines, marches and rallies have been held with a resounding success. I attended and spoke at one such meeting where a number of unions, some on strike for the first time in their history, gathered together to demonstrate their anger towards the Government and the banking terrorists. People from all walks of life, young and old were represented and it was a joy to see so many united for one cause.

For this I thank you David Cameron.

The day started with a gathering at a local park, news cameras and local radio stations were present and a some what healthy estimation of about 300 people gathered. At 11:30 we began our march through town and suddenly it seemed as though our numbers trebled. As we reached the brow of a hill I could see people the length of both streets. Easily 1000 people were marching, bringing our town to a brief halt as traffic had to wait for our route to clear.
Was he silenced?
The usual round of chants took off and people stopped in the streets to ask questions, unbelievable that they were not aware of the first national strike for a generation but apparently so. Chants of 'don't watch us, join us' echoed around and I then spied the MP for Luton South, Gavin Shuker in the crowd. Alas I was not to get my chance to speak to him as he disappeared before the rally speeches having apparently being 'Milibanded' as it was put to me. It seems his position of Defra in the Shadow Cabinet may have been at stake if he spoke, which if true is a disgrace. His silence to the people that elected him betray them and it is the very nature of people remaining silent in the face of tyranny that dims the light of our liberties. Once I began my address I confessed to the crowd that I am not part of a public sector scheme because I do not believe there is any chance any Government will honour any agreement, between now, and 32 years time (longer than I have been alive) when I could potentially retire.
At a recent meeting in Parliament with my Counties local MP's I expressed these concerns in a truth telling session only to be told I was irrational and perverse. Fine comments for someone that earns over twice what people in my sector earn a year and work only a quarter of the Earth years to get a full pension. Despite not having a pension to fight for personally I still fight for the pensions of others and refuse to remain silent and watch our future generations hopes and dreams be crushed by this or any other Government.

Our lives are our legacy.

So with all this the crowd was left to make do with an Oscar type, written statement of 'sorry I could not be there' from both Luton South Labour MP Gavin Shuker and Luton North  Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins.

As the rally progressed each union representative gave a break down on their specific sectors issues, with some other speakers covering wider issues regarding the cuts and the most recent news bulletins from the politicians. I too was tasked with addressing the people from my sectors perspective with less than 12 hours notice. Deep joy.
With a couple of spare Earth hours at work I knocked up a speech and took my turn to speak. I decided to focus my address on the issue of unity, the theme being 'Unity is our Strength'. For months now there has been a constant battle pitting private and public sector workers against each other, with the Government controlled media constantly drip feeding terms such as 'union barons', 'gold plated pensions' and so on in their news articles.
Remember Hitler once said 'make the lie big, make it simple, keep repeating it and eventually they will believe it'. I sought to expose their lies, created by them, to divide and conquer us.
They continually try to pit private sector against public sector when the truth of the matter is we are all suffering at the hands of successive Governments and the banking terrorists that they get their money from i.e the Bank of England. I highlighted the issue that it is not that public sector pensions are unsustainable or gold plated, rather that private sector pensions are a disgrace and that we should ALL be fighting to raise the standard of their pay and pensions, not to decimate the public sector.

Of course there is the hidden agenda that with the worsening of the public sector pay and pension schemes it makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to privatisation.

Moving on from the unity theme I touched on the political aspect. It was convenient that I happened to see Ed Balls on the BBC News this morning state that the Tory Government had gone 'too deep, too fast' with their cuts, a statement Ed Miliband had the audacity to make as he addressed the mass demonstration in London on March 26th in Hyde Park. Do not believe the hype. Labour have never said no to cuts, just 'not too fast, not too soon'.
This is totally unacceptable.
Our Governments can find billions of pounds a year to fight illegal wars, billions of pounds for the Trident nuclear project to maintain a seat on the security council and billions of pounds to bail out banking terrorists, but they cannot find the money to pay a decent wage and pension to the people today so that they may retire in comfort tomorrow? I do not accept this and neither should you.

It is an utter disgrace and a betrayal to us all, condemning our future generations to a life time of debt.

I finished on a positive note leaving the public to consider this, that ultimately it comes down to a choice between fear and love of one another. The power of choice is what makes us who we are. With out going too Bill Hicks on them I finished with a quote "we can continue to participate in the lies they have created for us, or we can begin to create our own reality"


  1. Excellent stuff. You are doing some fantastic work spreading the truth and potential reality buddy. Keep the passion!

  2. Thank you, every one is starting to do their bit, share the love