Saturday, 5 November 2011

'Occupy' Movement Moves From Strength to Strength

To occupy, according to the UK Government, is to flatten a countries infrastructure with a vast quantity of cluster bombs (funded in development by banking corporations such as Lloyds TSB and Barclays) and rebuild the cities using Government contracts thus proving war is good for business. On the footsteps of St Paul's Cathedral however it has become a meaning of peace, education and hope for change.  Now in it's third week the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement has grown from strength to strength and each day seems to bring more innovative ideas than the day before.

It all goes back in the box
At 1400 on November the 5th there will be a rally held with guest speakers such as Weyman Bennet, a crusader against the rising fascism in this country (whom I have had the pleasure of meeting) and the enigmatic John Pilger, a crusader for truth in these dark times in our society.  Speakers of this magnitude go to show the depth of feeling against the feelings of un-justice we all see each day but few seem to accept.  The 'Occupy' movement globally has spread like wild fire and although the mainstream media would like you to think it is an aimless movement with no 'end game' what it does provide is the chance for people to spread awareness amongst themselves, and the thousands of visitors that come down everyday, of a whole range of issues domestically and internationally.  The human interaction is something of true beauty.

One couple I spoke to from Tunisia had family involved in the uprising almost a year ago that kicked off the Arab Spring.  They explained to me how many protestors were shot, how people were shot and killed after Ben Ali had been removed and the issues that were still prominent in their country today.  Of course, our media have moved on from such news items as there were wars to be fought in Libya and whether Wayne Rooney would be banned from the Euro's next year. The couple had only been at the Occupy LSX for the day but had seen enough to make return visits and support the movement.

Another group I spoke to where the Kurdish people and supporters, whom I am sure you will have read about in the various media outlets under the banner of 'terrorism'.  They were raided by armed police for the suspicion of having guns in their tent which turned out to be false, but by then the damage had been done.  The sight of armed police surrounding people in the midst of a peaceful demonstration has limited this particular groups ability to impact people that would have otherwise have benefited from hearing their story of oppression in Turkey. The news repeaters then proceeded to label them members of PKK, a so called terrorist group according to Turkey, the US and the European Union.

I for one was not about to be put off and went to find out more, but that is another story.

The Zeitgeist presence 
As I moved around the camp I spoke to all sorts of people, specialists in tech and media (responsible for the global connections with the other occupy cities) people who have left jobs and actively seeking part time jobs in the area because they believe so deeply in the movement.  It became apparent that this movement is here to stay.  As one person put it to me "this movement is about building infrastructure for the time when the financial system fails".  This is fundamentally changing the human nature versus the human nurture debate.  Time and again people tell me that it is human nature to be greedy or to not want to help others but I believe this to not be the case and to some extent know this to not be the case.  The Occupy LSX is proof of this as people donate their time and labour across all manner of expertise from law to simple administrational duties.

You are your labour.

There are some humans of course running around throwing out comments such as "of course they are unemployed, how else can you protest unless you are on the rock and roll" If said individual actually stopped for 5 minutes to ask the question, rather than believe the Daily Mail, he would have known that not everyone here is unemployed.  There are city workers staying here, public sector workers staying here and as I keep mentioning, EACH of them is contributing in their own way for free.  There are 36 working groups here covering every aspect of society from sanitation to waste disposal and health care, all being run more efficiently than your local borough council that employ fortnightly waste collections!
There is no litter, street cleaners here are not being cut back.

The new Finsbury Square occupy
Even I received personal insults telling me I should be ashamed, when asked ashamed of what the lady replied "it's just a free kip in the city".  Too right, why would anyone pay £200-500 or more a night for a hotel when you can pitch a tent and receive a free education in life lessons?  Some newspapers are concerned the Occupy movement will still be here during the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics.... I say embrace the idea and invite the world to Occupy London during the Olympics.

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