Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Truth, Lies and Newsreels

Is it any wonder groups like the EDL are on the rise
when 'news' articles like this bombard us?
This was page 2 and page 4 respectively of the Daily Mail on April 4th 2012, commonly known as the Daily 'Hate' Mail, and read by a section of the community that regard themselves as 'middle class'.

Unfortunately the majority of people have their outlook on life shaped by such propaganda, why anyone would use even the loosest of change to pick up papers such as The Mail, The Sun or the Daily Star is beyond comprehension, other than it is for what they do not contain rather than what they do. Being devoid of any real news, other than that of cheap gossip, it makes it easier for people to turn a blind eye to truths, and/or, blame someone else for the problems around them, usually an immigrant, rather than war criminals such as Tony Blair and David Cameron or the billionaire bankers taking fat cat pensions at the expense of everyday humans such as ourselves.

How else can you explain Katie Price getting an opinion piece in the new Sun on Sunday?

Newspapers such as these serve to maintain the status-quo and drive hatred and intolerance between us, when in reality we have more in common with each other than these hate mongers would have us believe; and all the while the main protagonists responsible for the majority of the problems in this world continue, to get away with it unchallenged. 

Nobody seems to notice, and more worryingly, nobody seems to care.

Terrorism and immigration, no mention of our government terrorists though...

The articles listed above are from the Daily 'Hate' Mail again, whereby the paper continues to ram home the alleged threat of terror in our midst, topping it off with an image of a terrorist carrying a bomb through passport control. Is this to induce a perpetual state of fear amongst the public?

We live in a world where a 30 year old plus footballer can use a horrendous slur on another footballer on International television and be seen to still be fit to Captain England in some quarters; a police officer can verbally and physically abuse a young black lad in a police van, be recorded and it still be thrown out by the CPS for a lack of evidence but a young university student says something via twitter about a footballer and he receives 56 days in prison. Where is the justice in this?

For 18 months I have been actively collecting and comparing news articles from the various newspapers and watched as many news broadcasts as I can, and what have I found? That the truth of it all is this; "Propaganda is for democracy, what the bludgeon is for dictatorships" Noam Chomsky.

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  1. I love this quote - If only more people were awake to these issues.