Monday, 4 June 2012

Double dip closures.

When the recession started in 2008 people remarked how quickly the high street in Dunstable was affected with a number of shops closing. Now in 2012 the grip of the recession is plain for all to see in Luton.

Whilst on the face of it the sight of the Mall and the new shop front would lead you to believe everything is OK, the inside paints a different picture. Rows of empty units and quiet aisles are the generic theme.

Familiar sight in the Mall

Over recent weeks and months a number of units in the Mall have closed or become outlet stores, so following the announcement that Clinton Cards was closing some 350 nationally, I decided to count up the number of units shut in the Mall itself. Currently there are 14 empty units with 3 more due to close including Luton's own Clinton Cards store.

Clinton Cards bids farewell

One area flourishing are coffee shops with there now being 6 in the Mall. We can always find time and money to sit and talk about the recession over a cup of tea or coffee; at least we have the Jubilee to raise our spirits.

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  1. The Mall Luton has now improved hugely now, the empty stores in the photo is now a massive H&M, also loads of new stores have opened up such as: USC, Pandora, Stormfront, Cards Direct, LTFC club shop, also as you already know Clintons cards has been purchased and rebranded to Clintons, they have now moved further down into a smaller unit, there old one is now deichmann. also Hmv will be reopening on the 7th November, a lot has changed. if you would like to know more information about this or other developments happening in Luton the Please like us of Facebook - Luton Developments or Follow us on Twitter at @LDevelopments