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Newell News-round up, week 5

Week 5 and the hot topic has to be human rights, those things that serve us everyday without even realising it.

Human rights allow each of us to get married, divorced, practice religion (or not), meet in large groups (to cheer for athletes chasing balls) to exercise a vote, allow us to vote in the first place and generally allow us to live our lives with out fear of oppression and with the freedom to speak as we see fit.


Syria have allegedly used chemical weapons against their own people, with varying degrees of confidence according the US. Both darling David Cameron and Barack Obama have been highly critical of the latest news coming out from Syria, using rhetoric such as there being a 'red line' on Syria. We have heard this talk before and there are varying stories coming out from Syria that do not give any such smoking gun that the imperialist war criminals rallied behind before invading Iraq. For Cameron or Obama to lecture anyone on war crimes is unfathomable. These two war criminals and their predecessors Bush and Blair have more blood on their hands than anyone since Stalin or Hitler for that matter. They continue to sell arms to regimes that suit, such as the Bahraini government, who are using them to oppress a revolution for freedom and have descended the world into civil war in the name of new democracy.

In China 21 people have been killed following a 'terrorist' incident in the region of Xinjiang in ongoing tensions. An apparent effort to establish an independent East Turkistan is said to be the cause, with the government claim that the attack was based on terrorism, not necessarily echoed by others in the region, who said it was more ethnically motivated.

India is still witnessing street protests over the issue of rape with young children taking to the streets after a 5 year old girl was abducted and sexually assaulted. This comes after the horrific incident in 2012 and numerous high profile attempts or cases since.
Also in India, a factory unit collapsed killing over 300 people, with 900 still missing. Police are said to have detained the owners but I doubt that there are any suits from Primark, Mango or Matalan being held for their part in this tragedy. They outsource the making of their products mainly to increase their profit margins but also because the further they spread their supply chains from the consumer, the less people tend to care about the conditions that made them.
These high profile incidents come against the back drop of strained relations with the United States over an issue of solar power.
India receives plenty of sun and is severely struggling with a lack of power and so are pinning their hopes on the solar power, the most abundant source of power in our solar system. In February this year the US lodged an appeal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over India's intentions to use domestically produced solar cells to provide the materials, also providing work for their own people. India are doing so as both the Chinese and the Americans have been under cutting local producers of these goods as they are able to be imported tax free. The US have claimed that these are discriminatory practices and claim it will raise the cost of clean energy, or do they not want to see a nation get off their knees in front of the oil and coal barons that currently run this world?

A Senate hearing this week heard how drone strikes are the face of America in Yemen as a man gave a chilling account of life in the cross hairs of Americas drone army. Terrorism in all its forms is abhorrent and our governments are the greatest purveyors of war and terror.

A prison riot in Mexico has resulted in several deaths. Whether or not the former head of HSBC, Lord Green, is being looked into regarding this, after the bombshell in 2012 that they laundered billions of dollars of Mexican drug cartels money, is any ones guess...

The Artist Taxi Driver

The House of Lords were busy debating the NHS Act: Section 75 and the fire sale that will now undoubtedly follow. Doctors have expressed their concerns over it back in 2007 and another GP has recently resigned as a consequence. To raise awareness of the issue the Artist Taxi Driver pushed a toy pig 4.1 miles from Kings College Hospital to Downing Street, where he handed in a petition against the act. In the build up to the act being debated there was a distinct lack of discussion around in the mainstream news, but there was much discussion surrounding nurses on apparent "safari's" looking for lost patients. Murdoch media picked this up and was abetted nicely by the BBC.
The NHS is the single greatest thing that this country has and we are on the precipice of watching it sail off into the sunset, on HMS Profiteer.

Profiteering scoundrel, Iain Duncan Smith, received an open letter this week from a woman who has recently come off benefits after finally managing to secure work following a long hard 18 months. She wrote the letter fearing what will come of the people left on the welfare system that have been unfortunate enough to find a way back in the working world. I hope he has read it and feels ashamed of himself. I doubt he will, he has been too busy telling rich pensioners that they should not be claiming benefits, whilst he is raping and pillaging the benefits system himself with endless expenses claims.


Google Glass is on its way and is set to take the world by storm in much the same fashion as perhaps the iPod did all those years ago now. Being able to record, take pictures and search the Internet (with both hands free) is raising the heart beats of many; but what will this latest immersive technological advancement do for the ever widening, dissociative behaviour of the human species?

The first steps into the world of iRobot happened this week after a teenager was fitted with the world's first phone controlled robotic hand, fittingly called the iLimb and nanoscience hit the big time again this week with talk about the potential for 'smart skin' to soon be upon us.

Human Rights 

Theresa May has being showing off her sinister side again this week with more bluster over the famed fanatic preacher Abu Qatada, after she claimed the UK would temporarily withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights to deport him. This was quickly followed by a defeat for this wicked woman in the courts after a 17 year old's case was overturned, saying that he should be afforded the same rights as a 16 year old. Theresa May has been supportive of a move to treat 17 year old's as adults and this has potentially resulted in the deaths of two young boys, Joe Lawton and Edward Thornber, after they were arrested and treated as adults but would have been convicted as children if the case was found against them. The government are calling this an 'anomaly'. The courts stated that under the 1984 Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) , the police could treat children as adults at the age of 17, but that the Home Secretary's failure to revise the code was a breach of her obligation under Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and that PACE breached Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to private and family life. I hope that they (the government) are comfortable with their use of the word anomaly and I hope that Theresa May can sleep at night.

The RAF have apparently been complicit in the American drone war campaign since 2004 and there has been drone assistance set up at RAF bases within the UK for some years. These deadly machines are evolving at an exponential rate and before long will be able to select targets themselves, making the current, but limited human envolvement, redundant. When in power Geroge W. Bush started the drone war but Barack Obama, the man we gave a Nobel PEACE prize to has become its main advocate. We should think about this when he is giving ridiculous 'comedy' speeches. He, like the others, is a war criminal.


A man has died in the UK after armed police responded to an incident and discharged their Taser on him; he was known to be covered in flammable liquid. The police Taser caused him to burst into flames, and he died from his burns as a result. Police armed response units carry a selection of weapons and say that they must carry a "less lethal option." These range from semi automatic rifles, to hand guns, rubber bullet guns and the Taser. Quite why they thought it was appropriate or less lethal to Taser a man covered in petrol is staggering. I await the investigations conclusions with baited breath.

We have avoided a triple dip recession, apparently, thanks to millionaire George Osborne and his 'no plan b'. When you consider that last year we managed to make just 0.1% growth despite there being a jubilee, a royal wedding and the olympics, it leaves me wondering how we have managed to snatch 0.3% growth in this quarter despite all the wind, rain, snow and ice we have had across the country. You could not make it up. Our arms dealers must have been making record profits selling arms in the Middle East over the winter.

Whilst this has been happening and the government have been raping the public of their public services, they have appointed a tax dodger as head of Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the former head of npower who have been coming up short in paying up.. No I am not making this shit up.

Beekeepers have been protesting in London over the use of neonicotinoids that are thought to be killing off large populations of bees. Defra have said that evidence so far is inconclusive.

The powers that be (PTB) have decided that they want the power to switch off your fridges at their discretion in an apparent attempt to help power stations cope with demand. What is that you say? A prelude to war? Who knows.


War criminal Barack Obama has been at it again with his White House Correspondents Dinner, cracking jokes to the yuppie upper class war mongers in attendance whilst children across the planet suffer daily at the hands of famine, depleted uranium poisoning and death by skynet hunter killers. Thanks.

There is no sport, weather, Justin Bieber, JLS, the Voice, Britain's Got Talent or any other distraction television news because these war criminals and thieves are getting away with murder and its time we started offering some kind of resistance to it.

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