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Newell News-round up, week 12

Week 12, Legal aid is about to be slashed to pieces by this Tory government and its sideman partners the LibDems going to prove that there is no justice, there is just us. You could not make it up


No more cuts will be made to the frontline military services, the rest of us will have to foot the bill for this, despite our illegal war of terror costing the taxpayer billions and the cost of human life is beyond count. It is not just the British and US troops or the civilians suffering but now the Afghanistan peace force that has been ill equipped and left behind are losing limbs and life.

Nick Clegg says we must "cut the welfare for the rich" first but in throwing the children overboard by increasing the tuition fees he has showed where his loyalties really lie and any such attacks on them will be used eventually to remove such 'benefits' from the poor. It is classic divide and rule tactics. Even Ed Balls has reiterated this position, proving that there is no choice when it comes to politics, just puppets that share the same mask.

Privatisation is the vehicle that politicians use to move money from the public into the pockets of their criminal profiteer mates in the private sector. Spurious claims that the private sector have created 1.2million jobs are statistics manipulated to sell us their lies. This usually means that half of these jobs were once public sector posts now syphoned off and the rest are probably job shared posts with two people working one job but it doubles the economies labour statistics. Businesses have then been paid off by the government for doing such things. One such example of jobs being privatised is the current sell of of Royal Mail where there are more strikes planned over cuts and job security. Royal Mail is worth billions with its parcel delivery service making money hand over fist, yet the government want to sell it off.

900,000 more people joined the millions already in the UK considered to live in poverty, going to show that politicians want to throw us overboard without a life jacket, we are surplus to requirements. You might be lucky enough to get a food stamp for a food bank but you must meet a certain criteria, in the mean time the head of the DWP Iain Duncan-Smith is eating £39 breakfasts and telling us we can live on £53 pound a week. When are people going to start pointing their fingers at these criminals and thieves?

The Fire Minister Brandon Lewis' office was visited by a concerned group of humans who wanted to discuss cuts, privatisation and the pensions attacks agenda. He responded on a radio broadcast and deflected the situation by talking about gold plated pensions. None of which was true.

In other news a child was refused lunch because his parents owed £1.75. You cannot make this shit up.

Health and Welfare

An elderly care centre, Mosaic Community Care, is under investigation  after a row about the care of an elderly lady. They have been apparently suspended by the UK Homecare Association which means they will be no longer recommending Mosaic Community Care for elderly people whilst the suspension stands.


Canary Wharf, June 2013 - G8 protest

The G8 summit have vowed to make a difference on tax avoidance, but not likely to occur before the thieves, cheats and scoundrels have found another loop hole or place to stash their cash. Anti-G8 demonstrations have taken place in London and Belfast and the UK Pre Crime Police Division have been in force again, arresting fifty seven people for questioning this week in London. Some arrested just for thinking about protesting, yet if you are a fraudulent banking terrorist or laundering drug cartel money, you can get away scot-free. You couldn't make it up.

Pensioners took a kicking this week in The Times on Saturday, Michael Parris has said that it is the pensioner (and not the banking terrorists) that have stolen the futures of the young. The Murdoch agenda is supported generously by the supposedly unbiased BBC who ran a story stating that pensioners are the only group to have received a steady increase in income over the past thirty years. They are framing the agenda for the largest assault on your pensions and savings in a generation, they want it all back and it looks like they will get it because people, for the most part, are too busy sleeping to see it. That is why George Carlin called it "The American Dream."


Erdogan told the Turkish protesters to go home or else and was met with a show of defiance as thousands descended on Gezi Park to show him what they thought of his views on democracy. This resulted in more blood shed as the fascists used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds.

Old Detroit City is bankrupt and the Mayor is paving the way for debt consolidation. Perhaps he is paving the way for Delta City to be built as we saw in Robocop!


Google is looking to provide remote parts of the world with the internet by supplying 'near space balloons' to bridge the gap. Presumably they can afford it with the amount of tax payments they have been dodging in the UK.

The brilliant technology show TED have been discussing the merits of drones saying that they can reach otherwise hard to get places, unfortunately for us the military and surveillance applications are what our governments really want them for. Just ask the German urban street artists. Also at TED they have debated the future of aviation, but I would like to see the advancement of maglev trains myself.


The lions are in Australia and Shane Williams has been called up as injury cover. He always chokes on the big occasions.


A senior police detective involved in the Jimmy Saviile enquiry has joined the Big Brother house. No comment required.

Man of Steel opened this week, just two days before Fathers Day, to rave reviews from fans but mixed opinions from the so called experts. It is not the fourth Dark Knight movie as some of them may have expected but then Superman is very different to other super heroes, his story is one of the light and righteousness. It is who he is. Check it out.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Warmongering because it is good for business

Not content with the blood of thousands of Iraqi's and soldiers from the US and the UK on his hands, war criminal Tony Blair, who made millions from the occupation and invasion of Iraq, has called for the west to intervene in Syria.

Any time a war criminal such as Tony Blair call for intervention, you can guarantee that it has nothing to do with humanitarian aid or democracy, but everything to do with the stealing of resources. The man has a position as the Middle East Peace envoy, the irony for which should not be lost on any of us.

The call for the Syrian rebels to be armed has come following the American announcement that the Syrian army has been using chemical weapons, calling it "the red line" which they have crossed. This echoes almost exactly the terminology used by Israeli President Netanyahu, when discussing the Iranian nuclear enrichment plan last year. America seems to forget their own use of white phosphorous gas during the siege of Fallujah in 2004 (reported by the Independent in 2005) and Israel, their puppet masters, also used the same material during attacks on Gaza (reported by the BBC here).

There is also the small matter of the gassing of the people in Bahrain and Turkey, where their empty canisters have 'made in in England' written on the side of them. War is the only thing we seem to be exporting these days.

Not to scale - Netanyahu Warner Brothers cartoon bomb

For months there has been speculation as to if and by whom chemical weapons have been used by and all of a sudden we have confirmation that it is at the hands of Assad's military. The timing could not have been sweeter for the imperialist forces as this coincides with the advancement by Assad's troops with the assistance of Hezbollah and they also happen to be a close ally with Iran. Iran have also just undergone an election with Ahmadinejad's tenure coming to an end.

Tony Blair's solution to all this is to export peace bombs, claiming that he is from an "interventionist area of politics" whatever we may think of that and he also called for the removal of the Iranian regime as they are a destabilising influence on the region.
The volatile nature of the region has nothing to do with drones blowing up people then does it Tony? Tony Blair has amassed millions through the deaths of innocent Iraqi's and British and US troops, along with his war criminal friend George W. Bush. The current crop continuing the 'special relationship', Obama and Cameron, are following along the same blood thirsty pursuit of power and control over resources.

The warmongering of our nations is scary and the thoughts of each nations people will count for nothing as the beat to the sound of the drums of war intensify in the coming weeks. One million people marched against the war in Iraq and ten years on it is still on fire. What will this mean for the people of Syria?

Violence begets violence and using war to solve a crises has only ever lead to greater humanitarian issues in the long run, as infrastructure is destroyed, countless millions of people are displaced and the wars of terror lead to mistrust and hatred of everyday people in the West. The only way for us to solve terrorism is to first stop engaging in acts of terror.

For additional information please check the following links:

River of Tears 
Stop the War Coalition
From Iraq, with love

Friday, 14 June 2013

The empathic breakdown through manipulation

Laurie Penny was interviewed this week by the Artist Taxi Driver for his documentary in progress, 'This is not a recession, this is a robbery' and she made two great and fascinating points; the first was about the erosion of empathy being part of the capitalist project and how psychological damage that is being created by society is never factored into mental illness.

A fascinating statement and one I believe rings true. To lack empathy is to be a psychopath and may explain the decisions made by the people running this planet.

Empathy is hardwired into us and the RSA, Empathic Civilisation, explains this brilliantly. We witness it during everyday occurrences without noticing we are doing it, any time you have watched a spider crawl across someones arm and got that shivery feeling, that is empathy or when you see someone take a particularly hard tackle during a sporting event and you can "feel the pain", it is our empathic capabilities coming through.

What the war criminals and scoundrels seem to be doing is re-wiring our empathic civilisation to desensitise us to the horrors they conduct on our behalf the world over.

These claims may sound like psycho babble to some but there is a weight of evidence out there to prove the brains ability be re-wried according to its environment.  One such study has been conducted and reported by the Daily Mail of all agencies into the increasingly aggressive appearance of Lego characters today and that they may be harming a child's development. A documentary called Secret History of the Brain: Emotion, also covered this aspect of violence and programming of children. This showed scenes of children playing nicely together who then witness an adult attack a doll. They then replicate this behaviour with the most violent reactions occurring if the adult is of the same sex. It is called the bobo doll test and perhaps unsurprisingly the results were repeated by children who witnessed the same violence on television as opposed to witnessing it in the flesh. These reactions can be tempered by empathy as it develops within us as we reflect upon what we witness, the problem is the constant bombardment and violent environment we live in is hampering this. The problem is 360ยบ immersive advertising and is investigated at length by the documentary Consuming Kids.

Make him angry, he'll make you angry

The re-wiring of the brain has also been discussed recently on BBC R4 which has been running a series called The Science of Music. The latest episode asked the question on how our brains are re-wired through music and explained that musicians are the perfect example of how the brain can be re-programmed according to what it called environment. We are all products of our environment whatever you may think.

By flooding our environment with violence, demonising the poor and highlighting our cultural differences, the establishment is able to manipulate and control us and our feelings, so that we are less likely to share empathy with people put into poverty by our governments, killed by our governments and arbitrarily locked away by our governments. We have to start seeing that we are more alike than we are different and that there are no problems but human problems, we are empathic by nature but it is being destroyed through nurture. An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

You can follow Laurie Penny and The Artist Taxi driver on Twitter; @PennyRed and @chunkymark

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cover up and carry on

You know the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum when a woman debating the banning of the Sun's Page Three in the Houses of Scoundrels today is told to cover up and abide by house dress rules because she is wearing a 'no more Page Three' t-shirt.

This is what happened today when Caroline Lucas MP showed up Labour's Jimmy Hood and highlighted the irony of the situation to him that you could buy the Sun magazine (as she put it) in West Minster but you cannot wear a t-shirt. there are apparent dress codes within the Commons and slogan baring t-shirts fall outside of this code. Any points to be made should be made via their speeches but sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and was very much the case today.

Cover up m'lady
Culture minister Ed Valzey said there would be no press regulation and that the interference of an adults choice in what they read infringed their human rights, highly amusing considering our government has been in cahoots with the US in the eavesdropping of largely innocent people following the Prism scandal this week. Everyone from William Hague to David Cameron and Barack Obama were caught blatantly lying over the issue and subsequently shrugged it off, saying if we are doing no wrong then we have nothing to fear. You could not make it up.

No More Page Three say that "boobs are not news" and they are right, neither is X-factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice, Dancing on Ice, Strictly Come Dancing (no matter how pretty Flavia is) or any of the hundred and one other items our media ram down our throats to distract us whilst the government and the private profiteers make off with our money.

Today Caroline Lucas made a great display of civil disobedience and it is something we should all aspire to engage in if we are to challenge our oppressors.

Demonising the poor so they can get away with it all

Breakfast television has become a place for the media to demonise the poor, I cannot remember if it was always this way, but every morning in the gym I glance up at the monitors and see the subtitles of someone tearing apart another poor unsuspecting victim.

Day break today, 'Benefits: Don't cut my £32,000 hand out', in big bold letters framing the agenda and then Lorraine Kelly had a woman named Clare on and made sure to highlight the fact she had seven children. Lorraine Kelly then had the nerve to say: "Thanks for coming in, a lot of people have been tweeting in to have a go at you, some in support of you, but mainly saying you take home more than they earn." Clare seemed nervous, but then you would if you knew you were on national television being put up for people to focus their anger and aggression on for the austerity and poverty that is ripping through our society at the moment. Clare's response was disappointing in that she pointed fingers at others, claiming it was unfair a family of four and a family of seven should be on the same rate, what Clare should have said is: "Yes Lorraine, it is because people like you and the rest of the prestitutes are pushing a fascist agenda to demonise poor people ahead of the next general election. You see it is easy to control us and get away with daylight robbery when you have us fighting amongst ourselves, rather than stopping to take a look and ask what you lot are up to and question the banks." 

The  studio would have lit up with that but alas the mainstream media does not want people who can and will openly debate and debase the establishments agenda. Only on the Max Keiser show with the Artist Taxi Driver can you get anywhere near the truth.

Sat alongside this poor lady was another woman, a journalist named Anne Atkins, who could not wait to get her claws out ready to strike Clare down. Sympathy she said, yes, but Anne called for imaginative ways to work from home, imaginative ways to eat by eating cheap healthy food... Is she joking? It is not cheap to eat healthily, if you want to eat crap then you can eat cheap. If you want to eat healthy then it will cost you a pretty penny.

Clare explained the tough time she is having raising one of her children who has special requirements and eventually managed to bring the story round to one of a lack of support from the government in helping her get back to work. This is something I know is a problem for families first hand when parents, often single parents, are told that it is more beneficial for them to rely on the state than to go back to work. These are people that WANT to go back to work but are being discouraged by the very people who then collate statistics, manipulate them and beat the people round the head with every day in the media. You could not make it up.

As with all news these days the situation is not taken in any context whatsoever. This story took place several hours after the BBC published an article about wage repression in the UK today. The report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the fall in nominal wages during the recession was unprecedented. They are calling it the productivity puzzle, I would call it the wage slave conundrum. 

Essentially people are not retiring and and lone parents are not withdrawing from the debt slave market at a time when we are going through the longest and deepest recession in a century. The sooner people start calling it by its real name, a depression, the sooner we can start to come to terms with dealing with the issue. The IFS said workers were better off to stay in work with lower wages rather than be unemployed. The government has said that the labour market has remained strong despite the downturn but they fail to realise that people are not staying in these wage repressed conditions through choice, they are doing so because the government have a vice like grip around our throats and are pushing their ideological austerity upon us.

Debt slaves: buying stuff we don't need, with money
that's not real, to impress people we don't know.
One interesting comment from the IFS was that fewer workers today are unionised or covered by collective wage agreements and that as a result they tended to see smaller, if any, wage increases. Unfortunately many of those people that are in unions seem to be hamstrung by the weight of history and seemingly unable or unwilling to rise and make change to the world they are helping to create.
By the time I went to work the unions had largely been smashed by Thatcher and Thatcherism and the UK is now one of the few countries in Europe, who's workers are without the right to withdraw their labour, as covered by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Unions and their members across the country today are under attack for no other reason than ideology because the corporations and our politicians do not want people to have fair and equitable living wages and conditions.
There has never been a more important time for the people to rise up, join together, stop pointing fingers at the poor and realise our problems are not the making of a few on benefits but those power hungry criminals in the city of corruption.

On the subject of rising I shall finish with a quote from a famous poem seeing as someone else has already said it better, the poem is The Mask of Anarchy by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

'Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many - they are few.'

Monday, 10 June 2013

Newell News-round up, week 11 -1984 Special

Week 11, the week when the lid on Orwellian society blew up in the states face. If you did not think it before you will now, we are living in Orwell's 1984 but don't worry, you have nothing to fear.

Human Rights: PRISM - EDWARD SNOWDEN and Bradley Manning

The Guardian and the Washington Post blew open the sensational news that the UK and US governments have been colluding to spy on civilian data using the US National Security Agency ((NSA) program Prism. The man responsible is Edward Snowden, a former employee of the CIA, and he has fled to Hong Kong boasting of their history for supporting freedom of speech and expression. Quite amusing considering he is from the supposed land of the free. Today however the mainstream media have been climbing over themselves to inform us that Snowden's belief he will not be extradited from Hong Kong may be short sighted and wrong. The US are said to have gathered the data of millions if not billions of calls and interactions with the GCHQ perhaps piggy backing this to circumvent laws that prevent the UK currently from eaves dropping on people here. William Hague has come out in defence of the scandal and said that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. It is just a shame that ethos does not stretch as far as the closed Bilderberg meeting that took place this week in Watford. How long though is it before the person who has nothing to fear becomes a dissident, or an unruly activist unhappy with the fascist regime  at the say so of the state and then they too fall under this umbrella of 'extremism'. Some will say we sit on the precipice of the slippery slop of no return but I would say we have already crossed that point, with the three year detention of Bradley Manning, who went on trial this week for leaking documents to Wikileaks, for exposing grotesque abuses and war crimes by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The state does not appreciate the torch being shone upon the darkest recesses of their closets it seems.
Edward Snowden said he could not work and live in a world where surveillance of everyday people was being conducted in the way it was.
It is a mad world that we live in. When two men who have exposed corruption, war crimes, human rights atrocities and breaches of a fundamental human right, the right to a private life, in the supposed pursuit of our safety in the face of terrorism, are deemed enemies of the state; yet war criminals such as George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron are continually allowed to encroach on our freedoms and liberties and export death, destruction and cancer (via depleted uranium) in countries where brown people reside.

The very fact that people like darling David Cameron and William Hague are trying to convince that everything is OK should be enough to set warning bells off in people. Barack Obama openly came out and lied by saying that no one was listening to people's phone calls, he then went on to say: "We cannot expect 100% security and 100% privacy and zero inconvenience and that we'll have to make some choices as a society.". This lot are the least noble and honest amongst and we should all be concerned about where all this is heading. At the time of writing this, William Hague was facing questions in the Houses of Parliament by MP's, all twenty of them.

Union workers have apparently been black listed with workers in the building trade still being checked off against a list that goes back twenty years. Actor Ricky Tomlinson is currently involved in a dispute with the government over the Shewsbury Pickets and explained how he too was on a list held by the government.


The PM has announced his intentions to crusade against lobbying, shamelessly using it as an opportunity to attack trade unions and the labour party. The lobbying scandal which has been dominating the news is amusing in as much as the idea that unions benefit from supporting the Labour Party in any way shape or form is ludicrous. The biggest backers of political parties are the corporations and I seem to recall Rupert Murdoch media being the biggest back of Labour last time they were i power pushing his war agenda.

The lobbying scandal comes at the same time as the Bilderberg descended upon sunny Hertfordshire. No mention of course about the great political lobbying scandal going on at the Bilderberg meeting held in Watford this year, not that these liars, thieves, cheats and scoundrels need to meet up once a year in a 'secret' venue to rule the world when they all socialise in the same circles. Both Cameron and George Osborne have previously stated their intention to drive a wrecking ball of transparency through the political system but have yet to start this process such is the murky world in which they operate. Ken Clarke has today been trying to persuade MP's that there is nothing going on at Bilderberg but when We Are Change interviewed Tony Blair recently we got perhaps the most honest two minutes of his life.

Race hatred... This week a Muslim boarding school was set on fire in the middle of the night as  tensions in the UK continue following the death of Lee Rigby and is the second such incident involving arson in the past two weeks. Police are investigating as it appears the scene had been branded by an EDL sign. Not content with soldiers physically abusing Muslim children in Afghanistan the EDL seem intent on burning them in their sleep.


Whilst the rest of us are ground down to our knees with ideological austerity measures Thames Water have joined the rest of the super corporation tax avoidance billionaires by failing to pay no corporation tax despite making £145m in pre-tax profit. More fool us for allowing an essential human need to be privatised and put in the hands of criminals. This comes hot on the heels of another Vodaphone tax dodging effort after they failed to pay any for a second consecutive year.

Health/Education and Welfare

Labour this week proved themselves the other side of the mask shared by the Tories with Miliband's speech on welfare. He repeated right wing rhetoric of society viewing the system as being "given something for nothing" and served only to demonise people who struggle. What is the alternative to ideological austerity? There is none if you are looking at the two party state we live within.

Having sent them out to do their dirty work for the past ten years in Afghanistan and Iraq, the government has now decided to put our troops to use in schools by fast tracking to become teachers when they return. Some schools students will feel right at home with a militarised way of being educated as they have embarked on making their students pledge everyday first thing in the morning.


Treyvon Martin, remember him? This week the jury is being selected for the Zimmerman trial. This murder divided opinion across both sides of the Atlantic and we will see whether there is justice or whether it is just-us.

Turkey has been embroiled in a running battle with its government and the situation has failed to improve with the police firing tear gas and pepper spray on 'extremists'.

Extremist gets her just deserts
Meanwhile in Libya the chief of staff has resigned following deadly clashes between militia and protesters, going to show our support of unknown rebels does not always guarantee peace for the people once we leave them to it. As if we needed reminding but with the powers that be looking to arm Syrian rebels it looks as though the mistakes of our past are destined to be repeated.

In Australia the DJ who made a prank phone call to the hospital Kate was staying has won an award and it has been branded as "bad taste." Ironic considering we have a serving President who won a Nobel Peace Prize for saying stuff he did not mean and then proliferated the drone wars which we are seeing escalate on an almost weekly basis. Is that not bad taste?


The UK entertainment industry has been a cesspool and hive of sexual debauchery in recent months with the latest celebrity to be linked to child sex offences being Ken Roach, better known as Ken Barlow on Coronation Street, to most of you.


A marshal died at this weeks Canadian Grand Prix, run over by a recovery vehicle and an investigation is underway.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kill the artist, kill the protest

The education system has been hijacked, for centuries it has been based around the industrial revolution focusing on the key subjects of maths, English and science.

Do not get me wrong, I believe there is a place for these in our education system, mathematics for example is the only true universal language we have as the schematics and designs by someone on one side of the planet could be replicated by someone on the other side of the planet and it does of course dovetail nicely with science. Aside from the obvious question of whether our schools are teaching our children what to think, rather than how to think, the issue arises where we have to sacrifice the creative elements of our education system in favour of the stuff that our peers deem to be "the important stuff."

Are you listening Michael Gove?

Naturally this means the arts get dropped to squeeze in another technology based course but this mode of thinking does not take in to account that we are a society made up of individuals and it is this very thing that gives us the varied life we have. I remember having to choose a subject I had no interest or intention of pursing in the future ahead of another that today I could have done with the background knowledge of.

This has not stopped me pursuing it later in life but how many children do we cast aside in their formative years, who may never get the time or money to pursue a dream later on?

Sir Ken Robinson, a champion of education in all its varieties, has made two speeches at the TED Talks, one in 2006 I believe and another in May 2013, where he explained how as a society we are stifling creativity in our children. This is not a problem just of the education system but unfortunately of us as parents too. How many times have any of us heard or been told that we will never be musicians, or to concentrate on school because being a successful artist is for the 'lucky' ones?

We should be embracing not only our children's creative endeavours but remembering our own, we are all born artists but we have it educated out of us.

There is a belief amongst some that the reasoning for creativity being educated out of us is that if you can kill the artist, you can kill the protest.

Bill Hicks came up with the notion first in 1989 during his Sane Man tour when he compared the Coca-Cola pop groups, such as Debbie Gibson and Rick Astley, to Jimi Hendrix. More recently the Artist Taxi Driver and I talked of the boy band explosion of the 1990's, with Take That versus The Prodigy at the time who were everything the establishment hated, epitomised by the release of firestarter in 1997 and then came Simon Cowell.

Since the turn of the millennium, Simon Cowell and his manufactured pop groups have dominated the music scene with real artists very far and few between, a protest campaign was launched in 2009 to get Rage Against the Machine to number one to stop the annual Cowell Christmas number one domination highlighted the issue quite starkly, with a song that has been out of the charts for a decade taking top spot just to say no, we won't do what you tell us.

Hendrix - Woodstock
Artists are out there such as Lowkey, Logic MC and Akala, but they are not allowed to make the mainstream impact the likes of John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Public Enemy and so on used to. The establishment will not allow it. One such advocate was Michael Franti but he fell foul of the Obama deception and has not been the same since.

Rap music has been hijacked, there was a time when it was about the system, violence and oppression, now it is all about money, girls and cars; sung by millionaires complaining they are from the ghetto, presumably because being a millionaire is not enough, they want to be billionaires. Even urban street art is being hijacked as the Germans look set to use graffiti artists as the reason for the deployment of drones on their streets.


The world has gone mad and the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Terence McKenna once said we are lead by the least amongst us, the least intelligent, the least noble and the least visionary, when asked how we fight back he said we make art. So that is the task we have, to remember the artist within us and go out and express ourselves however we do it best.

“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. If artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.” ~ Terence McKenna

Anonymity, a fine and a demotion. You couldn't make it up.

I recently wrote that two people do not represent an entire religion, by the same token three soldiers do not represent an entire army.

However, this week the British Army held a court martial over allegations of child abuse and racial discrimination in Afghanistan by three soldiers at a check point. The striking thing is the lack of upset from the public in response to these incidents. At a time when Operation Yewtree is in the papers most weeks with every man, woman and their dog coming out to "persecute old men" as one barrister put it, there has largely been no such response to this. 

The punishment for these soldiers has amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist with one soldier fined £1000 for asking a child to touch his special place and another has been reduced in rank. The judge advocate had said that there was no sexual motive behind the behaviour, yet if that happened in any place in the UK there would be outrage and he would have been put on the sex offenders list. A third officer, the man in charge of these soldiers was cleared as not being in the public interests to pursue him in the light of the guilty pleas from the others. 

I am not sure what to think any more. Are we saying after this that it is OK to abuse brown boys but not white ones? The message set by the judge in this case seems to be that the lives of the people in Afghanistan are worth less than those in the UK and though the actions of these three do not represent the entire British Army, it does raise the question of how these fellow humans are viewed in the theatre of war. Perhaps people have not been upset by this because the media have not told them to be.

In another twist the three soldiers have been given anonymity under the reason of safety and security for them and their families, what about the safety and security of the families trying to rebuild their lives in the ashes of Afghanistan and Iraq under the haze of depleted uranium?

If we want to end the war on terror then first we must stop waging a war of terror.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Newell News-round up, week 10.

You could not make it up. Week after week the 'you couldn't make it up' files get ever more outlandish.

The art of stealing tax payers money and lining their economic terrorist mates pockets. Darling David Cameron and jolly George Osborne, not content with secret courts, now want to privatise them. What? Something that seems to be lost on this bunch of blood thirsty, soul sucking vampires is that these public services are there to provide its citizens with a service, they are not there to make money and profit for their private profiteers mates.

If this was not bad enough private firms will soon be sending astronauts into space, giving us the Coca-Cola moon.

Human Rights
The former head of MI5, Stella Rimington, has said we should be spying on our neighbours to assist domestic security if we "did not want a stazi state" because the enemy is everywhere. I am not sure what books she has read or where she went to school but is that not exactly the sort of thing that the Nazi's did in the 1930's? This sort of fear mongering and hate inducement is scandalous, we are living in a time where our liberties are being taken away from us in broad daylight and they are trying every underhanded way of justifying it.

Mervyn King stands down as head of the Bank of England (home of the banking terrorists and daddy's pig) and says he is taking a gap year. Nice that he can afford to sun himself whilst the rest of the pensioners have to go back to work to help themselves out of fuel poverty. He has also come out and said that he thought people in the UK had a right to be angry with banks following the economic crises, but that we would have come out and been angrier sooner. Strange he should wait till he stands down to question why we have not taken to the streets sooner but we agree with him. First you have to get mad and it just seems like far too many people are worried about what J-Lo was wearing on Britain's Got Talent.

The economic forecast is still unsure whilst people are still trying to convince us that we have turned the corner. Even a cursory glance at the local high street and you can see that the recessions is really a depression.
Globally the outlook is just as uncertain. Growth forecasts in the US are being revised down and even India has recorded its slowest growth rate for a decade.

Picture by Positive Money.

Health and Welfare
The media campaign to demonise the NHS continues apace with the 'revelation' regarding bed blockers at a hospital in Oxfordshire and a surgeon spoke to the Daily Telegraph explaining how the problems in A&E are resulting in the cancellation of operations. NHS figures show that operation cancellations have doubled under the coalition government since 2010 but when taken in context with the millions of operations undertaken across the country it equates to just 0.9% cancelled in total.

Iain Duncan-Smith, the £39 breakfast man who says we can live on £53 a week has announced that he can afford to have a further £3bn cut from his department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in a bid to protect the police and military budgets. A disgusting claim and boast from a hideous individual. We spend billions on illegal wars and arming Syrian rebels and now this man wants to further cut the assistance to people in need to perpetuate war, mistrust and hatred.
This is being backed up by other departments such as from the Ministry for Justice and Department for Local Government, the latter for which have just had the Ken Knight Review into the Fire Service  who made bold claims about how much could be cut from the sector, without giving any background or context to the debate whatsoever.

The government have been in the papers also this week for degrading back to work assessments for former soldiers who are being stripped of their benefits as a result, by the government SS torture group ATOS. Sent out to fight illegal wars, damaged sometimes physically and mentally and then thrown on the scrap heap by the very people that sent them out there. The very reason why charities like Help for Heroes exist in the first place.

The magic of stem cells looms on the horizon again as doctors seem to have found a way to regrow bones and damaged cartilage. I shall be awaiting my appointment with baited breath.

The technology world is going stark raving mad. After last weeks announcement of the drone army being used by the German Rail company to chase graffiti artists, Motorola have crossed the line of the absurd by creating a solution to all those passwords we have to remember in the digital age. It is called the electronic tattoo. Not content with that step towards Rfid chipping they have also come up with a pill we can all swallow that is powered by stomach acids that can supply our gadgets with the codes we need to log in.

In other news the US have eased restrictions on the Iranians for the purposes of buying the iPhone. How nice of them. This comes at a time when the Iranian sanctions are having a dramatic affect on the price of domestic goods and purchasing power of its people, due to the devaluing of the rial (Iran's currency) The export of pistachio nuts are affected by this but at least they can use the iPhone.
You could not make it up.

The people of Turkey have taken back to the streets once again raising the importance of the occupy movement. The reason for the mass mobilisation has been in response to the Turkish governments insistence on developing a park near Taksim Square. The people have likened it to the Mayors of New York or London announcing the demolition of Central or Hyde Park for a few flats. Anyone who knows of Boris Johnson knows that this is not much of a reach for his buffoonery.
1,700 people plus have been arrested by the authorities once again highlighting how the state have hijacked the police to protect them from us, when they should be there to protect us from the state.

The Chinese have been flexing their muscles over the disputed islands in the South China sea, claiming that the islands there have been part of their territory since ancient times. This is an argument they fail to recognise when discussing Tibet as once upon a history the Chinese Emperor had to give a princess to the Tibetan Lord such was their strength and power and the region in the 17th Century, throwing into question their belief that it was always 'their territory'. In the end what do any one of us ever really own?

William Hague was on the radio this week explaining how we comply with International law when talking about the Syrian arms embargo being lifted. I almost choked on my lemon water as he said it recalling the current illegal wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.