Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cover up and carry on

You know the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum when a woman debating the banning of the Sun's Page Three in the Houses of Scoundrels today is told to cover up and abide by house dress rules because she is wearing a 'no more Page Three' t-shirt.

This is what happened today when Caroline Lucas MP showed up Labour's Jimmy Hood and highlighted the irony of the situation to him that you could buy the Sun magazine (as she put it) in West Minster but you cannot wear a t-shirt. there are apparent dress codes within the Commons and slogan baring t-shirts fall outside of this code. Any points to be made should be made via their speeches but sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and was very much the case today.

Cover up m'lady
Culture minister Ed Valzey said there would be no press regulation and that the interference of an adults choice in what they read infringed their human rights, highly amusing considering our government has been in cahoots with the US in the eavesdropping of largely innocent people following the Prism scandal this week. Everyone from William Hague to David Cameron and Barack Obama were caught blatantly lying over the issue and subsequently shrugged it off, saying if we are doing no wrong then we have nothing to fear. You could not make it up.

No More Page Three say that "boobs are not news" and they are right, neither is X-factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice, Dancing on Ice, Strictly Come Dancing (no matter how pretty Flavia is) or any of the hundred and one other items our media ram down our throats to distract us whilst the government and the private profiteers make off with our money.

Today Caroline Lucas made a great display of civil disobedience and it is something we should all aspire to engage in if we are to challenge our oppressors.

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